December 6th 2016 – Historical day for the sport & art of Muaythai, receiving IOC – International Olympic Committee  recognition via our Official Partners IFMA – International Federation of Muaythai Amateur!


Huge congratulations to the big IFMA family and of course Stephan Fox IFMA General Secretary & AIMS President, for the amazing achievement of getting IOC recognition of Muaythai –  a martial art & combat sport with over 1000 years of tradition.



Wonderful & passionate words from Stephan Fox  : “ A lifelong dream of so many has finally been achieved. IFMA is a unique family. From the top to the bottom, from the bottom to the top, our muaythai anthem says it all. We are one. This is the achievement of all; the hard working National Federations which volunteer their time, our Executive Board whom have served with passion for so many years, our technical officials whom ensure that Fair Play is observed on all levels; our educators and coaches whom continually develop the sport and athletes. All of us have one goal. To protect, guide, pave the way and at the same time listen to our most important asset: our Athletes, our Youth. They will carry the Olympic values, the values of our sport both in and out of the field of play to a time when we are all but dust and memories.”



Muaythai’s IOC Recognition Press Conference – video




FightLife is proud to be Official Partner of IFMAInternational Federation of Muaythai Amateur, as it’s such an amazing organisation working with passion & reaching the culmination of the work over many years to foster, develop and promote the Olympic values through the five pillars of muaythai: Honour, Respect, Fair Play, Tradition, and Excellence.

Articol by : Remus Diaconu