What is Challenge You?

Back in February of this year I was facing some tough personal challenges, these events inspired me to think of a new way to fix my problems and tackle them head on. I am a firm believer of re-inventing myself when things get tough. I thought it would be an even better idea if I could share this new journey with other people and that was the start of Challenge You.

Challenge You is all about personal progression. Your aim is to find a lifestyle that improves your health and mental well being in an 8 week period. Goal setting and achievements are shared within the group and documented along the way. In Challenge You we all support each other through inspiration and encouragement.

It is suitable for people from all walks of life as everybody has room to improve, we have professional athletes in the group, stay at home mothers, chefs, nurses and so much more. Our diversity is what makes the group so different to others. Challenge You doesn’t just encourage each member to do the same thing as everybody else but to find activities that they personally enjoy- this will be much more sustainable in the long run compared to training and diet programs that only have an effect for a short period of time. Challenge You is about longevity and helping you to help yourself.


There are chances to win prizes and many exclusive offers will be included to members of the group only for added incentives and as rewards for people working hard. You can also expect a free starter pack to welcome you into the group. Challenge You is 100% free and the perfect way to begin your new lifestyle.

What’s your challenge?