Oliver has always been a very active individual, from an early age he was participating in many sports. From starting football at 3 years old, he then continued to add more activities such as, skiing, tennis, rowing and rugby. Oliver is still part of a Rugby Team Today.

At the age of 20, after taking two years away from sports Oliver started training. He lost touch with staying fit and healthy and started to get into an unhealthy lifestyle. Whilst away on a family holiday he met a fitness/rugby player abroad who was in his late 20s who was in great shape and was very health but has a balanced lifestyle so could still enjoy things in life. This was what inspired Oliver to start training and not only to improve his physique but his health. From there he started small and is now training 5/6 times and week whilst playing rugby. This is an achievement that he is proud of, that he was able to turn his lifestyle around.

Not only was Oliver just training to make sure he was in good shape and healthy he wanted to help people achieve the same results he had, and what better way than to bring both his passion and career together and became a personal trainer. He loved his time as a PT and helping people lose weight they have always wanted to lose, whether it was for a wedding or a holiday the satisfaction that came with people’s happiness when the saw there before and after photos is pretty hard to describe and put into words.

The biggest achievement in Oliver’s sporting career was competing at Henley Royal regatta a huge rowing competition in the rowing world, something that he will always look back on with great pride.


Oliver is always looking for new challenges to add to his list of sports. He has recently participated in the Banna Beast Challenge, an 8km, 30 obstacle course in Kerry, Ireland, placing 25th out of 82.


Also, recently he continued his obstacle event bug, when he participated in The Reebok Spartan Beast Race on the 2nd October, a 30km with 30 obstacles. He completed the challenge in 5 hours 6 minutes with the slowest time in the event was 7 hours 2 minutes.


Oliver has brought his knowledge that he has about health, nutrition and lifestyle with him to help people understand the benefits of Fight Life. His knowledge and passion about nutrition and have a balanced lifestyle helps him educate those who are interested in Fight Life and changing or adding benefits to their Lifestyle


Fight Life to me is summed up in our Moto. It’s not just about nutrition it’s about surrounding yourself with the right life style for you. Continuing to Fight each day in order to get the best out of your life” Oliver Hill